Love Filmed

wedding cinematography

Life-changing days seldom follow a script.

And rightly so. Despite the best efforts of an ever-expanding industry, your wedding day is not a product. It shouldn't be shoe-horned into a pro forma.

When I first started making wedding films, I offered three levels of service. Because that’s what you did. And, inevitably, everybody went with the middle package.

But it never sat well with me. I'm a film-maker: I want to make great films.  I'm  not going to stop filming half way through your first dance because your allotted hours have run out. And if you pay for a two-camera package, I'm still going to bring three cameras, because there might just be an amazing third angle...

So I'm doing things differently.

What you’re paying for is my time, my equipment and my expertise. I'm yours for the whole of your wedding day. How you choose to use me is, within reason, entirely up to you. I will then work on your film for as long as it takes to make it as good as it can be. This could be anything from two weeks to three months.

In 2015 I began recording interviews with couples as a means of making my films a more intimate reflection of their relationship. Conducted either in the weeks leading up to the wedding, or shortly after the honeymoon, these interviews have now become an integral part of my work.

By default, I create two films: a 30 minute account of the whole day, perfect for reminiscences with family and close friends; and a 3-5 minute 'highlights' film for you to send out to everyone you know. These films will live forever on-line, from where they can be shared, embedded and downloaded, but – should you so wish – can also be authored to DVD or BluRay and delivered on USB. Also, if you want to hang on every word of the day's events, I can also provide you with unedited footage and audio of the ceremony or speeches in full. 

All of this can be tailored to your precise needs.